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I'm selling a LOT of stuff on Ebay, so if anyone wants to check it out, please go here. Sizes L-XL, 10-12, Old Navy, H&M, Gap, Hot Topic, Forever 21. There are two pairs of shoes, one by Irregular Choice and another by Old Navy, both size 9. I also have some men's stuff for sale (a pair of jeans and a shirt). I also want to get rid of some makeup that doesn't fit my coloring.

I really need the money (and I need to pay off that $37 eBay bill I'll be getting when all this stuff sells, hopefully).

Here are some pictures of the makeup & prices.

makeup--Clinique, Body Shop, L'Oreal, Revlon, Jane, MarkCollapse )
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So tomorrow is my birthday and I just feel like it's a waste of the day.

Last year my allergies were SO bad I just sat on the floor crying with a wadded-up tissue in one hand and Visine in the other.

It looks like this year will be a repeat.

I don't have any money and every time we go out I end up paying.

I don't want to pay for my own dinner on my fucking birthday.

I pay for everything else.

I don't have any friends here and every day I just feel even more awful about that.

Not even online. Nobody text messages me or posts pictures relating to our inside jokes or any of that shit.

And I really think it's because nobody cares.

Obviously if anyone did then I wouldn't feel this way.

I think that everyone on here is clique-y and high school never ended for any of you and nobody wants to admit that. I think that because I say what is true, people don't want to be associated with me, or call me and chat all the time, or even text message me, or say anything at all. They're intimidated that I'm just going to point out all the flaws.

I got one birthday card in the mail. How is it I get one and everyone else always has like dozens of updates about their goodies and their cards and their phone calls on their birthday and I always get shafted?

I think that in today's world there is no tolerance and no room for truth-bearers and that is why people commit suicide.

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It seems you cannot access my journal because you...

a.) have not added me to your friends list (go here to do so);
b.) stumbled upon my journal accidentally;
c.) do not have a LiveJournal.

I suggest you make a decision. : )

This journal is friends-only, by the way. It won't ever change, except for a few accidental posts, of which I forgot to change the security level.

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